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Spaciousness and openness creates a beautiful and a user-friendly integrity.

It is easy to move around on the spacious and sleek walk-around deck. The aft-deck is wide and the stairs well-calibrated. This is a boat for boating people who appreciate good performance on the water and responsive handling.

On the roomy bridge, all the navigation instruments and charts are accessible by touch screen.

The cabin is designed for maximum visibility. A retractable cover is neatly hidden above the front windshield, and, in case of rain, it is easily opened on its track.

The K-24 boat features abundant room for storage, with one hatch on the front deck, five midship and aft, and ample stowing space under the seats. As optional a cold locker and a stove can be placed underneath one seat. There is a place for a boathook, paddle or oars beneath the deck stairs.

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